Trashcan Bandstand

Honey strummed her guitar to the tune of Hound Dog. She’d gathered quite the crowd- most of them looking weary of the world but seeming to enjoy themselves. She watched them from behind rose tinted sunglasses, she hadn’t been this nervous in a long time. To the crowd her eyes would seem a brilliant purple. It was a minor detail and not outrageous, her bells would have been too noisy and the cops in this city were plentiful. She smiled as she sang, warm and welcoming as the crowd slowly became generous. The scattering of coins at the base of her stand… she didn’t care that others scrabbled them up. The only thing she deserved was what was set by her feet- easily stepped on and guarded.

A child pulled from their mother, through the crowd and stood transfixed. Honey winked and the little boy squealed in delight. The mother pushed through, looking nervous and pale, picking up the child and resting a dollar next to Honey’s foot. Honey smiled to the woman, setting her foot on the money, watching her walk away; the child was wailing at being torn away. The poor thing, hopefully the mother would be able to calm the little soul.  

The song ended and she transitioned to Sinatra. She’d started off with some of the songs of those on streets she’d passed- someone had thrown an apple. It was the first food she’d had in days. Honey held no pride in eating it, but a ripe apple is nothing to let go to waste. Her notes began to blend, Pennies from Heaven seemed to be a well enough known song. What a sight it must have been to see so many souls; weary and worn from the world sitting or standing around the tiny blond girl playing guitar on the top of an overturned garbage can.  

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